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How to get your site back when it stuck in maintenance mode

Automatic update is a great feature within wordpress. But sometimes it can get stuck if you navigate away from the update process. This may seem a huge trouble, but fixing is quite simple. To get your site back to normal, all you need is an FTP access to your site’s root.

Changing adsense colors to fit your theme

Adsense widget is so easy to use and add ads on your wordpress blog. But there is one missing part. Colors?! Wrong. With adsense widget you can change colors in two different ways. Here i will show you how to change your ad colors for your theme.

Autocad’te autolisp çalıştırma

Autocad’in en iyi özelliklerinden birisi şüphesiz lisp yazarak rutin işleri komut haline getirebilmenizdir. Bu yazıda size kısaca autocad’te autolisp yüklemeyi göstereceğim.

How to hide members only content in your posts

In wordpress there are many ways to hide your members only content. You can either install a plugin to hide your posts, or you can create password protected posts that only members can access. But there is another way; Shortcodes. Here i will explain you how to hide members only content in an easy way..

HOWTO: Dropdown Menu Using WP Menus

Now you can use WP3 Custom menus with dropdown menu widget to create custom menus on your site!

Tutorial: Create your very own dropdown menu stylesheet

I’ve created a very simple plugin for creating and adding dropdown menus to your page. In this simple step-by-step tutorial i will try to explain how to create your own theme with simple css edits. All you need to do is to follow those simple steps and you will have one great css-only dropdown with […]

How to get/save favicon of a site

Favicon can be in different names with the help of link tag. Using the simple favelet i wrote, you can save favicon of any site. Just follow those simple steps..

How to add text to every post in your feed

You can see some blog sites include related links, advertisements, and post relevant tags in their feed. This is very useful for your site’s popularity and increasing page hits. You can also add copyrights to your blogfeed to prevent RSS theft. Here i will explain you how to add any text in your wordpress feed.

How to start Rhinoceros in Perspective View

Default modeling window in Rhino is perspective window. You have to learn how to create your models in this view. This view gives a complete control on your model. If you are tired of maximizing this window everytime rhino starts you can use that simple script on start.

How to run a rhinoscript file

A Rhinoscript file has to be loaded before run. Follow those steps to run a rhinoscript: Select Load… below Rhinoscript under Tools menu or enter LoadScript to the command line

How to convert database charset to UTF8

If you need to use UTF8 charset and want to convert your database charset to UTF8 here is a simple way to do it:

How to export registry key

!! PROCEED WITH CAUTION !! Registry is the database for windows where all the settings and internal data for applications are held. You can view and change any data there but you must be careful when you are editing it since it can cause a serious system crash. To export a key to a file […]