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HowTo: Change number of posts displayed on Search

WordPress usually use a constant number of posts for all your category pages, index, and also search results pages. For search pages, 10 posts are not usually enough. To change this behaviour, a simple query filter will do the trick.

HowTo: Display Author Photo Next To Search Results

This is a really simple thing to do, plus it is really cool. To display author photo next to search results, you need to define a meta property named author which links to a person page. Here is how to do it in simple words..

Importance of keywords and key phrases in SEO Analysis

Do you know how to promote your online business? Yes, you have come at right place. Every individual who has some knowledge about online businesses, would know that simply the existence of a beautiful website isn’t enough.

How to Gather Content for a Website

Content collection is the most important part of designing a website and other expanded projects. It can have the highest potential for difficulties and in my experience is the single greatest delay in creating a standard business website.

HOWTO: Display content based on current language using qtranslate

QTranslate is a flexible and simple blog translation plugin. Using QTranslate you can easily convert your blog to a multilingual site. However to use it fully functional, you need a few modifications in your theme. Here I will show you how to fix your links and content based on current language on Qtranslate.

How to use default WordPress RSS widget in your php templates

I showed you how to use widgets using the_widget in your php templates before. Upon request, I am going to show you how to use WordPress RSS Widget with the help of WordPress the_widget function.

Add browser classes to body using filters in WordPress

Wordpres adds custom classes to <body> depending on the page you are viewing. This is a great function that can be used for styling your theme. Here i will show you how to add body classes depending on the browser your visitor is using. So you can style your theme layout using those classes.

How to enable post thumbnails for pages

In the new versions of wordpress this would be enabled by default, plus most themes enable it. But if your theme doesn’t have post thumbnail feature for pages, you can easily enable this feature by adding the following code to your functions.php file..

Dropdown Menu Using CSS3 Transitions

With the most recent developments in the browsers, CSS shadows, transitions and animations made popular amongst web site design. So i decided to create a basic tutorial on how to create a simple dropdown menu using those brand new attributes. Let’s start!

Dropdown Menu Widget update 1.6.3

In this update i fixed dropdown menu arguments problem. Now you can easily add multiple menus using the following syntax.

Subpages Extended : Sorting your pages list with shortcode

Subpages Extended allows you to create dynamic sub-page indexes on your wordpress blog. Using its powerful shortcode “Subpages Extended : Sorting your pages list with shortcode” doesn’t have any sub pages. you can easily generate page indexes. Here i will show you how to sort your pages.

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