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Grasshopper Workshop : Components and Canvas

This is the second from the 3-Day workshop at Virginia Tech. This video covers the basics of Grasshopper components and the Grasshopper Canvas. It also covers data types and a little bit about Grasshopper errors.

Grasshopper Workshop : Intro to grasshopper

This is an introduction to Grasshopper beginning with a brief discussion of history enabled rhino commands. The video introduces how simple lofts can be controlled using Rhino’s history and in Grasshopper.

Grasshopper Intro Part1

In this video tutorial we will cover an introduction to grasshopper. We focus on the interface and using components.

Grasshopper workshop materials for architecture

Download grasshopper workshop materials presented at Cornell architecture by Woo Jae Sung.

Distance logic with Grasshopper

How to set distance logic with grasshopper.

How to model tri panel system with Grasshopper

Tri panel system with Grasshopper from Rhino Tutorials on Vimeo.

How to model connected holes in Grasshopper

Lars Renklint has been exploring how to generate these infinite continuous surfaces using Grasshopper. You can view video here.