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HTML Hex Color Codes

Hex color codes are Red-Green-Blue (RGB) color values coded in hexadecimal base. First group of two values represent red color value, second group of two values represent green color value, and the last group represents blue.

Speed up your website using .htaccess file

.htaccess is a magic file that tells apache to how to serve files in a directory. It is the most common also the best way to speed up your website. One of the most important factor in page loading speed, is that

WordPress 3.6 First Impressions

WordPress Team released beta version of WordPress 3.6 for theme and plugin developers to test their products. I have installed it to my local server and took a few snapshots for you to see new features along with the new theme twenty thirteen.

Dropdown Menu Using CSS3 Transitions

With the most recent developments in the browsers, CSS shadows, transitions and animations made popular amongst web site design. So i decided to create a basic tutorial on how to create a simple dropdown menu using those brand new attributes. Let’s start!

Top 5 WordPress permalink structure for SEO

WordPress permalink structure allow us to create Search Engine Friendly page URLs in an easy way. But this structure should fit your SEO needs, otherwise it may lead to worse Search Engine Ranks. Here i will show you 5 different permalink structures for different needs.

Adding jquery tooltips to your wordpress theme

To use a jquery plugin within your wordpress site you need to load jquery manually along with the jquery script files. In this step by step tutorial i will explain you how to add a simple jquery tooltip plugin to your site.

25+ Free Online Web Design Tools You Should Bookmark

While designing web sites, it’s necessary to have a good toolset. Not only it will save you time, it will also give you inspiration to create better site projects. In this post i will list you really useful free online tools you can use, to speed up your web design aspects.

[LIST] 5 Ways to Create a Private WP Blog

SAY you want a private blog to post your secrets OR make your blog available for the registered users only. In this post i will show you how you can easily turn wordpress into a private blog.

Change thumbnail crop position in WordPress

WP crops thumbnails from the middle. What if you needed top parts of your images?