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Dropdown Menu Widget 1.9.5 Update

After a long time (3 years exactly) I decided to update Dropdown Menu Widget because it was giving some serious errors. Errors that was caused by WordPress core changes. Here is what I have changed with the latest update: Fixed walker class errors, which is used to generate menus in WordPress. Now after installing the […]

How to change order of menu items

Dropdown menu widget automatically generates pages and categories menus. While generating page menu, it uses Page Order specified on Add New Page screen.

Dropdown Menu Widget update 1.9

Dropdown Menu Widget version 1.9 is released today. With version 1.9, i added ability to change arrow colors now. You can change your parent item arrow colors in the options panel.

Dropdown Menu Widget v1.8 released

Yesterday WordPress 3.3 was released. When I upgraded my site, I realized that there was a javascript conflict with the Dropdown Menu plugin. So i fixed this issue with this new version. While fixing that, i also added parent item indicators code to the options page. You can disable or enable arrows next to parent […]

Shailan Theme Framework 3.2 Released

Shailan Theme Framework is a complex base theme with many great features. It has two header widget areas for menus, two sidebars and 3 footer columns. It supports post formats that was introduced with WordPress 3.1. It works perfect with Dropdown Menu Widget and Adsense Widget. It has a flexible layout. Content and sidebar widths […]

How to get page id using page slugs in wordpress

One of my visitors asked me how to get page id using page slug and i wrote a small snippet to easily achieve this in a simple loop. Follow read more link to see the snippet.

Dropdown Menu – PHP Template Tag Usage Explained

Dropdown menu widget is so easy to use as a widget, but it also supports usage of PHP template tags. Using PHP code to insert the menu, you can easily add menus to your theme as many times as you like. In this post i will give you different code snippets to add the widget […]

Video tutorial : How to create a custom dropdown menu on your site

Get dropdown menu widget here. Any thoughts? Share in the comments below..

Dropdown Menu Widget 1.7.1 hotfix

With the 1.7 release of dropdown menu widget, i changed the whole options page interface. Apparently i forgot to edit the template tag support for the new interface, that’s why sites using the template tag were displaying vertical menus instead of horizontal. I fixed this issue with 1.7.1 version. Please update your plugin now to […]

Dropdown Menu Widget update 1.6.3

In this update i fixed dropdown menu arguments problem. Now you can easily add multiple menus using the following syntax.

How to add categories dropdown to the end of Dropdown Menu Widget

I recently added hooks to the dropdown menu widget and using those hooks you can enlarge your navigations easily. Here i will show you how to add a categories dropdown to the end of pages menu, as seen on my site.

Introducing dropdown menu effects

With the 1.6 update finally added jQuery effects to the dropdown menu widget. This version also brought many other features like, auto-recognizing dropdown.css in theme folder, specifiying an external theme URL, options for removing link titles and removing links from top-level categories.