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DOS batch to zip archive and delete folder using 7zip

Save following commands to a text file and save it as archive.bat : @echo offf echo 7za a -r -tzip %~nx1.zip -mx9 %~f1\*.* 7za a -r -tzip %~nx1.zip -mx9 %~f1\*.* rmdir /s/q %~f1 pause !!Caution, if you don’t have 7za installed it will only delete that folder!! Usage: Drop any directory to the batch file, […]

Batch: Backup folders using Winrar

Using a DOS batch you can easily schedule daily or weekly backups on your computer. Here i will show you how to create an automatic folder backup system using Winrar(r) & DOS batch.

Using xcopy to update/backup your working folders

xcopy is one of the most powerful dos commands. It is mainly used for copying files, but arguments create a monster of it :P To use xcopy to update a folder  from another you need to use : xcopy H:somefolder*.* C:updating /s/d/y/h/r

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