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Atom: A hackable text editor for 21st century

Atom is a code editor developed by the creators of Github. It is minimal and supports installation of many extension packages, speeding your development processes. Download Atom Code Editor here..

Twentyfifteen theme customization CSS for a business site

Just customized twentyfifteen for a business site. Here is the customization CSS: And the result is: I used Background Manager to add background slideshow. Other useful plugins: WP Add Custom CSS (see a review here) SiteOrigin Widgets Bundle Page Builder by SiteOrigin Meta Slider Limit Login Attempts Easy Google Fonts

Plugin Review: WP Add Custom CSS

WordPress Themes are one of the top reasons that we love using WordPress. It just takes minutes to switch to another theme and give your site a fresh new look. Many themes come with great options pages and style packs included. But sometimes you may need small style fixes for your sites theme. This is where […]

Bootstrap fixed navbar fix for WordPress admin bar

When you are using Bootstrap fixed navbar on your themes, it will be hidden under admin bar of WordPress. This is because of fixed positioning of two elements are same. If you are not using admin bar, it is easy to fix, because you can hide admin bar from your own user profile. But other […]

How to fix plugin CSS issues using CSS overwrites

For some plugins you may need CSS styling to be changed, but if you change the plugin files, either you won’t update it, or you will lose your changes. I will show you a simple trick to overcome this problem using seperate stylesheets.

Popular web design font stacks, revisited

We all have some favorite fonts, but when it comes to cross-platform design, we have to choose our fonts families carefully. So I made a huge list of font stacks that suit really good. Make sure you add this list to your favorites.

CSS3 101 – What’s new in CSS3?

Cascading style sheet (CSS) is a style sheet language that helps web developers separate content of the web pages, from its design without affecting the HTML design of webpage. Backed by the W3C consortium, universal syntaxes and browser independence, CSS finds use as a global web design language.

Dropdown Menu Widget 1.7.1 hotfix

With the 1.7 release of dropdown menu widget, i changed the whole options page interface. Apparently i forgot to edit the template tag support for the new interface, that’s why sites using the template tag were displaying vertical menus instead of horizontal. I fixed this issue with 1.7.1 version. Please update your plugin now to […]

Dropdown Menu Using CSS3 Transitions

With the most recent developments in the browsers, CSS shadows, transitions and animations made popular amongst web site design. So i decided to create a basic tutorial on how to create a simple dropdown menu using those brand new attributes. Let’s start!

Customizing countdown widget using CSS

Countdown widget’s latest version is working on jquery. So it is not a flash movie anymore. You can customize its appearance easily using CSS. In this simple tutorial i will show you how to create a new year theme for countdown widget.

Beautify your site in 3 simple steps using Google fonts

Using custom fonts in your design, you can make your design look more professional, more creative and more attractive. It all depends on your creativity and imagination. And now google makes it easier for everyone.

How to change HTML editor font in WordPress

As a developer, I prefer writing my posts in HTML editor. It is strange, but TinyMCE HTML editor doesn’t use monospace fonts. Here i will show you how to insert our own CSS styles in WordPress using theme functions file.