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BlockRanger: All-hexahedral, Mapped grid/Mesh Generation Software

BlockRanger is a fully interactive, volume mesh generation plug-in for the Rhinoceros 5.0 3D CAD system.  BlockRanger converts Rhino 5 solids into blocks of high-quality hexahedral (brick) elements for use with most engineering analysis packages that require hexahedral meshing and a strict control of element quality, spatial distribution, and orientation. http://www.itascacg.com/software/blockranger

OpenFoam Tip : Scaling STL files using surfaceTransformPoints

You can easily scale your STL geometry from milimeters to meters using following command: scaleTransformPoints -scale “(.001 .001 .001)” source_file.stl target_file.stl Awesome tip by Jens Hopken. Visit his post for more information.

[#CFDart] CFD Analysis of a Waterjet

Model: Rhinoceros Analysis: OpenFoam PostProcessing: Paraview Retouch: Picasa

Convergence Animation of a Propeller CFD Analysis

Video shows convergence of a steady-case propeller CFD analysis using OpenFoam. Propeller designed by Milper Propeller Tech is analyzed using coarse mesh settings in OpenFoam. Design: PropDesign (internal software) Analysis: OpenFoam Duration: 20 minutes!

Kurban Bayramınız Kutlu Olsun

Model : GrabCAD Analiz : OpenFoam (potentialFoam + simpleFoam) Eleman Sayısı : 1.2m Analiz Süresi : 37dk

OpenFoam SnappyHexMesh Tutorial

OpenFoam SnappyHexMesh Tutorial by Calum Douglas

OpenFoam & CFD Literature

OpenFOAM related literature The Users Guide, that comes along with OpenFOAM. The Programmers Guide, that also comes along with OpenFOAM. It can be regarded as more of an extended Users Guide, so don’t feel intimidated, if you are not a proficient C++ programmer (yet). The OpenFOAM PhD course of Håkan Nilsson from Chalmers contains a variety of different information on various […]

GID – Personal grid generator (free software)



Hydrofoil Flow Applet


Computational tools for the analysis and design of high-speed propulsors

SU2 – Su Square CFD