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Grasshopper – Interface Basics

This is the first lesson that will help you to get started with Grasshopper. In this video you will learn about the Grasshopper Canvas, and how to create your first Grassopper definition. This is the first episode of a 13 video introduction series, Grasshopper Basics with David Rutten.

Linux Basics & Resources

Initial Server Setup with CentOS 6 How To Install Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP (LAMP) stack On CentOS 6 Change owner and group of a file/folder Linux commands for changing user rights Install and Configure phpMyAdmin on Linux How To Set Up vsftpd on CentOS 6 Possible problems Change default directory on VsFTP phpMyAdmin + CentOS […]

HowTo: Replace WordPress self hosted jQuery with Google jQuery

If your hosting server is not fast enough, you may want to replace your self-hosted #jquery with google cdn hosted jquery. You may think that you are not using that script anyways, but most of your #plugins do.

BackToBasix: How to split post into pages

This is a really basic feature of WordPress, yet many of WordPress users don’t know about it. Here is how to do it. Just like WordPress splits excerpt and content, it also has a very simple way to split content into pages.

How to add a custom background to your theme

This is a quite simple job anyone can do. Many themes now support custom background under theme settings. If yours doesn’t support it, let’s add this support together.

Rhino Basics for beginners

If you are just beginning to use Rhinoceros, you have to watch this tutorial. It is really definitive and it shows all the basic concepts about 3d modeling.

Kangaroo basics tutorial

David Piker shared an awesome tutorial on vimeo for a quickstart to kangaroo. It’s pretty basic, yet shows you what is possible with this physics engine.

HOWTO: Add script to your theme using wp_enqueue_script

TO add a javascript file to your theme its easy to use header.php in your theme folder. However if there are plugins using same script libraries (like jquery, scriptaculous ) it may cause errors. Here i will show you how to add javascripts to your theme in a safe way using wp_enqueue_script.

How to find ID of a page

To exclude pages from the dropdown menu widget all you need is page ids. This is not very usable, but surely it is faster than editing every page to exclude it from the menu.