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How to model a glass, a bottle, a plate etc in 2 steps

 1. Draw a rotational section of the object you are going to model.
2. Use revolve command and create a 360 degree rotational surface.

Its that easy. Here is how to do it in details :


1. How to create the section:
bardak_1Select Front view. Draw a curve representing cross section of the object. You can use a background using pictureframe command. 

2. Revolve :

Type **revolve **to the command line.

Select two points to define rotation axis. It could be easier if you do it in the front view with ortho** **open.


Rhino asks you starting and ending angle for the revolved surface. Default values are 0 and 360.  <0> in the command line shows current angle value and if you click enter or space it will use that value. So click space if you see <0> for the first and <360> for the second.




Here is a nice and lovely starbucks coffee cup :) mmm

Download tutorial model here: 

[download id=1]

See if you can model those cups & bottles:
grande-starbucks-coffee-cup hot-pink-pet peridot

Happy modeling!

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