Lisp Cleaner

LspCleaner is a small application to clear viruses from your AutoCAD lisp files. To start the clearing process, just press "Auto Scan" button. Application will scan all the Autocad related folders and it will remove virus data from the lisp files. If you want to scan a specific folder use "Scan Folder" option.

Download LispCleaner
Download LispCleaner


  • Fast & Effective 
    Unlike antivirus softwares, lisp cleaner is fast and attacks right to the target

  • Full Automatic Scan
    Scans program files, user folders and desktop

  • Protective Removal 
    Removes only virus parts of lisps and protects unharmed parts

  • Custom Scan 
    Using scan folder option you can scan network files and folders


"X:PathtoProgramlspcleaner.exe" /auto /nobackup
  • /auto Enables silent mode. When added after the link, it automatically searches relevant directories and clears possible errors.
  • /nobackup This argument disables automatically generated backup files with ".bak" extension.
Please disable your anti-virus software before running cleaner. Otherwise your software may think lspcleaner is a virus, because it reaches files with the virus.

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  1. Pedro says:

    Is it possible to run as script through by GPO?

    1. Metin Şaylan says:

      Yes it is possible. It doesn’t need installation on any machine. So you can put application on a shared folder, and use a startup batch script to clean all computers.
      For shared folders, you will need to scan manually though.

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