Removing billing fields from Woocommerce checkout page

Woocommerce plugin for WordPress, is the easiest way to start selling your products online. It handles many different payment options, gateways, tax calculations, shipments and even stock tracking. All you need is installing the plugin and start adding your products. While plugin has many great features, for a shop with only downloadable products, you won’t […]

P3 Plugin Performance Profiler by Godaddy

Plugins are great tools that empower our blogs. They add several excellent features that enable us to build better sites. However, if you are planning to serve to a large audience, you have to be careful about the plugins you use. Not only for security, but also for page speed performances. In this review, we […]

MIT Museum : Hart Nautical Collections

Türk Hosting Firmaları

Kullandıklarım Radore Hız: Çok iyi Kapasite: Kapasitesi iyi Yönetilebilirlik: Paneli çok sınırlı Destek: Hızlı Hız: Oldukça hızlı Kapasite: Sağladığı disk kapasitesi çok az Yönetilebilirlik: Cpanel Destek: İyi (3) NetServer Çok hızlı fakat sakın kullanmayın Çünkü, destek ve iletişim sıfır

Gemi ve Denizcilik Fuarları

WordPress Plugins Review – February 2015

I recently created a few websites and I realized that I am constantly installing same plugin set to all new sites. So I wanted to share this list with you, maybe you can find some useful assets in this list too.

Convergence Animation of a Propeller CFD Analysis

Video shows convergence of a steady-case propeller CFD analysis using OpenFoam. Propeller designed by Milper Propeller Tech is analyzed using coarse mesh settings in OpenFoam. Design: PropDesign (internal software) Analysis: OpenFoam Duration: 20 minutes!

Displaying search form on your theme files

In order to display search form on your theme, either you can use search widget on your sidebar, or you can add it manually using php template below: <?php get_search_form( $echo ); ?> Default WordPress Search Template If you have a searchform.php in your theme folder, this template displays contents of that file. If you […]

Installing WordPress on your PC using WAMP

To develop themes and plugins for WordPress, a local working environment is best. You can easily create a local working environment on your Windows computer using WAMP. WAMP is a software package for installation of Apache+Mysql+PHP. It saves you time by combining multiple setups together. In this video tutorial we are showing you how to […]

How to: Increase PHP memory limit for WordPress

If you get memory exhausted fatal errors on your blog, maybe its time to increase memory limit for PHP. In this post, you will find various ways to increase memory limit for WordPress using php and htaccess files. When PHP scripts get complex they require more memory than regular php files. When PHP is lower […]