Modeling from reference images

Modeling from reference images from Rhino Tutorials on Vimeo.

Etternity ring tutorial

Rhinoceros Tutorials 02 – Eternity Ring from Jewelturk Net on Vimeo.

Solitaire ring tutorial

Rhinoceros Tutorials 01 – Solitaire Ring from Jewelturk Net on Vimeo.

Stair tutorial using Grasshopper

Download the definition file (made with version 0.2.0012) . This example shows a possible how to build a self-normalizing distribution of objects along a spline curve. The base curve is used to position steps at equal intervals and also the elements for the railing. via grasshopper

How to model a headset using T-Splines for Rhino

This simple tutorial shows how to model a headset in Rhinoceros using T-Splines plugin. This design of a headphone illustrates the speed with which you can edit and manipulate surfaces with T-Splines. The commands used, such as deleting faces, extruding edges, filling holes, and extruding faces are popular techniques used in the animation industry for […]

How to render a product using Brazil for Rhino

Learn how to set up a product rendering in Brazil for Rhino. Material creation concepts and the use of HDRI environments are covered in this advanced rendering tutorial. via Rhino Tech Tips.

Control point editing

Learn some techniques for editing control points in this beginner level Rhino tutorial. Commands covered include “SetPT”, “Weight” and “MoveUVN”.

How to model a glass, a bottle, a plate etc in 2 steps

 1. Draw a rotational section of the object you are going to model. 2. Use revolve command and create a 360 degree rotational surface. Its that easy. Here is how to do it in details :

Four point tent using rhino-membrane

Rhino-Membrane Tutorial 1 – Four point tent from Johannes Linhard on Vimeo. This is the first tutorial video I’ve made for the form finding program “Rhino-Membrane”. It will demonstrate you how to create a simple four point tent. This tensile structure measures about 10 x 10 x 5 meters. The isotropic membrane prestress is set […]

Grasshopper Intro Part2

In this video tutorial we will continue with the introduction to grasshopper. Rather then using numbers we start to make points and get a sense of how the components make geometry.

Grasshopper Workshop : Data Matching

This is the thrid video from the 3-Day Workshop at Virginia Tech. It covers how Grasshopper handles data matching amongst many other things. Fair warning, they were testing the fire alarms during the recording and you can hear them going off around minute 5 and minute 10, pretty funny.