WP Developer? Do yourself a favor now..

Well, i have more than 5 sites now and i am constantly changing them, posting things and stuff. I know a developer needs more time (especially for fighting those little coding bugs!) on working. So why not consider enabling gears and get rid of wasting time on wp-admin refresh. To enable gears ..

Using autocad commands in Rhinoceros

If you are used to AutoCAD shorthand commands (like “l” for line) before you start working with Rhinoceros or if you are using both AutoCAD and Rhinoceros together, then you would probably try drawing a circle with “C” and it will enter “SelCrossing” in Rhinoceros.

How to add text to every post in your feed

You can see some blog sites include related links, advertisements, and post relevant tags in their feed. This is very useful for your site’s popularity and increasing page hits. You can also add copyrights to your blogfeed to prevent RSS theft. Here i will explain you how to add any text in your wordpress feed.

ASGVIS uploaded V-Ray webinar recordings!

Last month ASGVIS gave online webinars about V-Ray for Rhino and also T-SPlines. They uploaded the webinar recordings to their site. You can download them here.

Online VRay & TSplines webinar today!

Today there is an online webinar about Rhino plugins Vray and T-Splines presented by T-Splines CEO Matthew Sederberg and ASGVIS 3D Visual Artist/Trainer Fernando Rentas. Topics covered in this session include: T-Splines- Learn three powerful T-Splines commands that will enhance your toolset for organic design. V-Ray- Use V-Ray’s environment, materials and lighting features to make […]

WordPress 2.8 Released!

WordPress announced 2.8 Release named “Baker“. This new version has tons of features you wished for and they really made a great new widget system. Now you can install themes easier with the theme browser! See the video below for a quick overview:

How to start Rhinoceros in Perspective View

Default modeling window in Rhino is perspective window. You have to learn how to create your models in this view. This view gives a complete control on your model. If you are tired of maximizing this window everytime rhino starts you can use that simple script on start.

How to run a rhinoscript file

A Rhinoscript file has to be loaded before run. Follow those steps to run a rhinoscript: Select Load… below Rhinoscript under Tools menu or enter LoadScript to the command line

How to model an RSS icon

modeling rss icon
First draw a 5×5 square in top view. Use Snap feature for easy use.

10 Online Grasshopper Resources

Since grasshopper is the new age in architecture now, DesignReform made a collection of resources on their site. Be sure to check it here: 10 Online Grasshopper Resources.

Geometric Continuity of curves

Learn how to produce smooth transitions between curves in Rhino.