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Dropdown Menu Widget 1.9.6 Update

What changed in Dropdown Menu Widget in version 1.9.6

I really want to improve Dropdown Menu Widget, but when you see thousands of people using it, It is really hard to change a code.

In this update, however, I made a lot of mods, hoping that, those changes won’t make current users angry. Here are the major changes in this version:

  • Fixed rename homepage problem
  • Removed table wrapper around the menu, added a div instead
  • Removed all unnecessary files (well nearly all)
  • Removed tabs and simplified settings page for responsiveness
  • Updated documentation links and descriptions
  • Removed crappy widget footer links

I think that’s all for now.

If you see any problems or encounter any bugs, feel free to DM me on twitter.

Also don’t forget to follow me on twitter for Dropdown Menu Widget news.


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