Countdown Widget shortcode usage is the easiest way to add countdown timers to your WordPress posts. Basic shortcode usage:

[countdown date="01 January 2018" link="false"]
[countup date="01 April 1980" link="false"]

Event title

If you want to display an event title under your countdown widget you can add event="Sample Title" to your countdown shortcode as given below:

[countdown event="Testing shortcode" date="12 June"]

Adding hours and minutes

If no time is added countdown uses midnight as base. If you want to countdown to or count up from a specific time you can add hour and minutes to your shortcode as you can see in the sample below:

[countdown date="12 June" hour="18" minutes="54"]

All possible attributes

  • title="Widget Title" : Adds widget title before countdown widget
  • event="Event Title" : Event title that we are counting down
  • date="12 June" : This is a shorthand function for month, day and year. It depends on PHP strtotime function so it doesn’t work with every human readible format. Basic date format should be like 12 June 2020.
  • direction="down" : You can count down or up using this option.
  • timezone="+2" : Timezone of the countdown. This is required if you are creating a global countdown!

  • month="10" : Month of the countdown date
  • day="12" : Day of the countdown date
  • year="2020" : Year of the countdown date

  • hour="12" : Hour part of the countdown time
  • minutes="00" : Minutes part of the countdown time
  • seconds="00" : Seconds part of the countdown time

  • format="yowdHMS" : A key to hide/show certain digits on countdown. Check explanation here.

  • color="#900" : Text color of the countdown
  • bgcolor="#000" : Background color of the widget
  • width="200" : Width of the widget in pixels
  • height="200" : Height of the widget in pixels
  • radius="8" : Border radius of the widget in pixels
  • link="false" : Hides support link from the widget