This page is about Countdown Widget (Free) for WordPress.


This is title for the widget. You can leave it blank or give your widget a title like “Final Countdown”

Event Title

This text will be displayed at the bottom of countdown. You can leave it blank or you can enter a phrase about the event like “until my birthday!”. This will explain why you are counting down.

Note you can use html in this field to add links.


This is the date we are counting down to. If you enter a past date countdown won’t work.


Hours, Minutes and seconds of countdown. Any problems with that?


This is where you can change how your countdown is displayed. Here are basic elements you can use in this field:

Y : years
O : months
W : weeks
D : days
H : hours
M : minutes
S : seconds

The basic countdown format is HMS which will display, hours, minutes and seconds.

Using lower case letters will hide “0” (zero) values from the countdown. For example if you use yowdHMS as format then it will hide year, month, week and day values once they are “0”. If you want to show days only you can use D as format text.


This is the text color of countdown widget. You can use three letter hexadecimal colors as well as 6-digit colors. See a list of html colors you can use here.

Background color

This is background color of countdown area. You can leave it blank to leave it transparent. Default gray background is : #ddd


This is the width of the countdown layer. Countdown auto size contents to fit this width. If none is entered it will expand to full width of sidebar.