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How to draw a horse :)

Then add small details  :))


Hicbirşeye körü körüne bağlanmayın düşünün, yapabilirseniz kendinizi karşınızdaki insanın yerine koyun, sorgulayın, başkalarının demesiyle hareket etmeyin ve şunu unutmayın: insan ne yaparsa kendine yapar. 

jQuery news ticker

description : plugin by : jQuery news ticker Three effects: fade and slide and typing . demo using : Step 1 : add jquery.js and inewsticker.js before closed body tag Step 2 : add inewsticker function $(document).ready(function() { $(‘#name’).inewsticker({ speed : 1500, effect : ‘fade’, dir : ‘ltr’, font_size : 13, color : ‘#fff’, […]

Optimizing MySQL configuration using MySQLTuner

MySQL server comes with a default configuration that is suitable for most small websites. But for large websites, you may be using lower resources than you have, which may result in a slow website.

WebDesign Quality Checklist Pt.1

For success, quality is a must. So we are building our own web design quality checklist here. Make sure to follow us on improvements of the checklist.

How to sync files between linux servers using Rsync

Rsync is a linux application to sync files between linux servers. It is not installed by default, so to use this command, you have to install it using following commands.

Make YouTube video embeds look more professional

YouTube is surely one of the best ways to add videos to your site. However, if you want your videos to appear more professional on a promotional or advertorial page, you may want to hide certain elements of the YouTube player. Here comes the hidden gems of embedding string to help us. Default YouTube Embed […]

Mastering “.htaccess” file tricks for WordPress

.htaccess is a file used by Apache server, to over-write general rules for certain folders. Previously, we shared how to speed up your website using .htaccess file. With this post, we see there is more, awesome ways to manage your server rules and limits. Default WordPress .htaccess file # BEGIN WordPress RewriteEngine On RewriteBase / […]

How to add watermark for your images on Google Images

Google Images is an awesome place to find great pictures. However, it can be a real trouble for sites, depending mainly on image based content like wallpaper sites and stock image websites. If you are using WordPress as your CMS, then you can easily prevent Google to show large sized images from your site.

How to fix plugin CSS issues using CSS overwrites

For some plugins you may need CSS styling to be changed, but if you change the plugin files, either you won’t update it, or you will lose your changes. I will show you a simple trick to overcome this problem using seperate stylesheets.

How to remove WordPress dashboard widgets

WordPress dashboard is a collection of tools that gives you quick acess to most used areas of your blog. It also acts as a feed reader for latest wordpress news and latest plugins.

HTML Hex Color Codes

Hex color codes are Red-Green-Blue (RGB) color values coded in hexadecimal base. First group of two values represent red color value, second group of two values represent green color value, and the last group represents blue.