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How to remove usb virus that hides all files and creates a link

USB viruses are one of the most common virus types and I recently caught one on my pendrive. It is a virus that hides all the files on your drive and creates a link named “Removable Drive (16GB).lnk”. However, this virus is not as scary as it seems. It doesn’t delete your files or encrypt […]

SpyBot Search & Destroy Kullanım Kılavuzu

SpyBot Search & Destroy uygulamasını indir : SpyBot S&D SpyBot Search & Destroy, veritabanında bulunan tüm istenmeyen açılış sayfası uygulamaları ve spyware türü uygulama ve toolbarları temizlemek için kullanabileceğiniz bir temizleme programıdır. Programın en önemli özelliği virüs programları tarafından virüs olarak algılanmayan, virüs olarak sınıflandırılamayan, ancak oldukça sinir bozucu olan spyware uygulamaları konusunda oldukça geniş […]

Find out which office licence key is used on a pc

If you installed a series of licences on a workgroup, and want to see which licence is installed on a pc, you can use the following command to see last 5 chars of the key installed: cscript “C:Program Files (x86)Microsoft OfficeOffice15OSPP.VBS” /dstatus Before running this command, please make sure you have OSPP.vbs in C:Program Files […]

Download Office 2010 iso backup using your licence

If you own a legal copy of Microsoft Office, Microsoft allows you to download a backup of your CD or setup from the following address: So even if your CD is broken or damaged, you will still have a way to install office. Link was hard to find, so I thought I should share. […]

How to disable Dell battery warning at system startup

If you are getting “Your Battery is able to charge normally. However, you may begin to notice reduced operating time because your long-term battery life is decreasing.” everytime you start your laptop, you can get rid of this annoying message doing the following steps.