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Rhino-python package for Atom editor

Atom code editor supports packages to be added to improve development speeds for various platforms. Rhino-python is an Atom package that will speed up your python scripting speeds drastically. Download rhino-python package here..

Portable python for windows

Python is an awesome language for science and automating your work. However, it can be a pain to download and configure all scientific packages in Windows. Here, WinPython solves this problem. It is portable and comes with various scientific packages those are ready to run! You can download WinPython here. Check out their documentation here. If […]

Python Advanced Tutorial 6 – Networking

See more awesome tutorials about Python on DrapsTV Channel

Python quickstart for programmers

Python quickstart for programmers: Python Kung Fu from climatewarrior

Interactive Optimization Programs for Initial Propeller Design by Richard Biven

This thesis presents two methods for initial design propeller optimization using constrained non-linear programming. The process uses the Nelder-Mead simplex algorithm. The Wageningen B-series optimal propeller selection is presented along with the combined annular momentum theory and blade element theory optimization. Both techniques require preliminary hull and engine design characteristics, but do not necessitate extensive […]


Metin Şaylan Senior Naval Architect, Software Developer As a naval architect with high levels of expertise on ship design, analysis tools and software development, my career goal is to work in a global company where I can transfer my extensive knowledge into good use. View Resume View LinkedIn Profile Contact With more than 11 years […]