How to clean acaddoc.lsp virus from your pc

This article is obsolete. Check out my lisp removal software Lisp Cleaner for a better and easier solution.

Actually acaddoc.lsp is not a virus, it is a worm depending on autocad lisp routines. All it does is copying itself in every folder you open a drawing. I created a lisp routine to clean all the existences of the worm from lsp and mnl files located at the autocad support folders.

Follow these steps to get rid of this worm:

  1. Download the routine:
    Lisp file is removed. Please use Lisp Cleaner to get rid of this worm.
  2. Load the lisp file using APPLOAD command
  3. The lisp file will run automatically and it will clean all the existences of the worm in your support folders.
  4. Run an antivirus or a cleaner to get rid of “acaddoc.lsp” files. Normally cleaner routine installs a simple routine in your acad20XXdoc.lsp file which automatically clean those files but i recommend cleaning all the viruses with an anti-virus first. You can also download del-acaddoc.bat (link removed) dos batch file to clean all your drives manually. Run this batch once and it will delete all acaddoc.lsp files on your system.

NOTE: If any of the infected files in your Autocad Support folders are READONLY the cleaner won’t be able to clean those files !!

WARNING: This routine will install a routine to delete “acaddoc.lsp” files. If you somehow use acaddoc.lsp files remove the following lines from your acad20xxdoc.lsp starting with:

(setq acaddocfix t)

Please contact me if you see an error.

59 thoughts on “How to clean acaddoc.lsp virus from your pc”

  1. Thank much Metin Saylan. It’s really help me. May I re-post this posting on my blog in indonesian language? For share n help indonesian CAD user, who get problem cause acaddoc.lsp

  2. I can’t manage to unzip acaddocfix version 1.8. I had no problem with version 1.7, I think that the worm was killed, I ran the commands in the acaddocfix_1.7.lsp file on the autocad command prompt and I don’t get acaddoc.lsp files created in each drawing folder. However, version 1.8 zip file is recognized as a vitus (not the content, the zip file). Is this normal? Is there a difference between versions 1.7 and 1.8? Thank you in advance.

    1. They do the same thing, I just removed the portion that added auto cleaner to acad.lsp. So that once virus is removed it no longer occupies your pc. I suggest using LispCleaner application instead of lisp files.

  3. You really help me a lot!!!!! It used to take minutes just to open one CAD files because of all the routines it load. But now it’s instantly open…..THANK YOU…..

  4. Hi Metin Şaylan

    I loaded the routine, but the acaddoc.lsp archives still appears. I run your lsp cleaner and all the acaddoc.lsp archive was deleting. So what i did wrong??

    THX from México

    1. You can find cleaner routine searching for acaddocfix on internet, but i advice using LspCleaner which is a better alternative, because it searches all folders. Cleaner routine only cleans current folder of the drawing.

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