How to get your site back when it stuck in maintenance mode

Automatic update is a great feature within wordpress. But sometimes it can get stuck if you navigate away from the update process.
This may seem a huge trouble, but fixing is quite simple. To get your site back to normal, all you need is an FTP access to your site’s root.

In maintenance mode, a file called .maintenance is saved to the root of your site. And when wordpress is loaded it checks existence of this file. If the file exists, it shortcuts to display “Site in maintenance mode” message. To fix this error simply:

1. Login to your FTP server or login to control panel of your site.
2. Navigate to the root folder of your site.
3. Delete the file called .maintenance

Note. Some control panels may hide files starting with . (dot). Don’t panic if you don’t see the file, just try with an FTP client like filezilla.

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