Twentyfifteen theme customization CSS for a business site

Just customized twentyfifteen for a business site. Here is the customization CSS:

And the result is:


I used Background Manager to add background slideshow.

Other useful plugins:

Plugin Review: WP Add Custom CSS

WordPress Themes are one of the top reasons that we love using WordPress. It just takes minutes to switch to another theme and give your site a fresh new look. Many themes come with great options pages and style packs included. But sometimes you may need small style fixes for your sites theme. This is where WP Add Custom CSS comes to play.

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Goran theme color customizations CSS

I recently switched my site theme to Goran which is really elegant and readable. However this theme lacks color customization feature. So I had to create a custom css to changing header, link and button colors. Here is my custom css for Goran WordPress theme:

You can add this css code to your WordPress using WP Add Custom CSS plugin.

If you want to share your own custom styles, let me know in the comments below.

My new android app Ship Propulsion LT is on beta now!

Ship Propulsion LT is an android application that estimates ship resistance and required propulsion power for required speed.

It currently supports Holtrop & Mennen‘s method for ship resistance and engine power estimation.

The application will be released as soon as I make it a little more visual.

If you don’t want to wait, please follow this link to join beta testers.

You may also like my yPlus Calculator app – a must have tool for CFD engineers.



Want to showcase your RhinoVAULT project?

BLOCK Research Group, the development team behind RhinoVAULT, is looking for RhinoVault case studies. If you ever used RhinoVault in one of your projects, you can fill in their survey here.

Case studies that are chosen will be published and this will be a real chance to present some of your funicular magic. All of the participants will be entered into a drawing for a copy of the book “Shell Structures for Architecture: Form Finding and Optimization“.

As an extra, the book will be signed by some of the book’s authors!

The winner will be notified and announced on BLOCK blog.

Image credit: Klemen Breitfuss

WordPress 4.3 Billie changes the way you write posts

WordPress 4.3 Billie named after Billie Holiday was released today. You can view the highlights video below:

Editor text formatting shortcuts

Probably one of the best enhancements  in WordPress 4.3 is the editor formatting shortcuts. Now while using the visual editor you can easily create lists, headings and blockquotes. Here are the shortcuts:

Typing *  or -  will automatically give you a proper HTML list right away. Same for 1.  or  1) , but then ordered. Not your intention? Pressing backspace will undo this change.

Starting your paragraph with two to six number signs # will convert that paragraph to a heading. Similarly the greater-than symbol > will convert the paragraph to a blockquote.

Read more about editor changes and enhancements here.

Site icon feature

WordPress 4.3 adds the ability for site owners to manage their site’s favicon on desktop and mobile. Site Icons work out of the box, are theme independent, and don’t require theme support. There are four sizes that WordPress supports by default:

  • 32x32px favicon.
  • 180x180px app icon for iOS up to the iPhone 6+.
  • 192x192px Android/Chrome app icon.
  • 270x270px medium-sized tile for Windows.

Read more about site icon feature here.

Menu Customizations

In WordPress 4.3 menu management is being added to the Customizer, extending the types of objects that the Customizer can manipulate to include nav_menu taxonomy terms and nav_menu_item posts. Now you can edit, order, remove menu items using Customizer and you can preview it on the site in realtime.

Read more about new menu customization feature here.

Singular.php: New Theme Template in WordPress 4.3

A new theme template has been added to the theme hierarchy as of WordPress 4.3. This template follows the rules of is_singular and is used for a single post, irregardless of post type.  It comes in the hierarchy after single.php, page.php, and the variations of each. Themes that used the same code for both of those files (or included one in the other) can now simplify down to the one template.

Read more about it here.

You can view all 4.3 tagged development changes on Make WordPress blog here.