[How to] Change default WordPress title separator

Starting with version 4.4, WordPress allows you to easily change your title separator using a filter. This was previously done […]

[Gist] Python Script to Delete All Empty Folders

Windows and applications create many blank folders on your hard drive in time. And they stick even after you uninstall […]

[How to] Create bootable SD card for Raspberry PI

Raspberry PI comes with NOOBS operating system installer by default. But, if you want to use another OS or create […]

[Infographic] A Guide to Seasonal Fruits and Vegetables

120+ Popular Emoji for Social Marketing 😍

Emojis make your social posts more attractive, engaging more users to click links or at least like your shares. In […]

[How to] Recover Windows Boot Using Linux USB Drive

If you accidentally delete a linux partition on your hard drive, it is possible that, you will also end up […]

15+ Essential WordPress Plugins for February 2018

One of the greatest features of WordPress, is certainly its extension through plugins. As of today, it has more than 54k plugins available for Free!

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