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LispCleaner is on SourceForge now

LispCleaner is available for download on SourceForge now. It is totally free and cures most of the lisp virus infections caused by acaddoc.lsp, acad.lsp and acad.vlx files.

Click here to visit LispCleaner project page on SourceForge.

Yplus Calculator android app preview

In this video, I am demonstrating a simple yPlus calculation using my yPlus Calculator android app:

If you like the application, you can download it from Google Play.

GMO Yaza Merhaba Afişi

GMO Yaza Merhaba Posteri
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DOS batch to zip archive and delete folder using 7zip

Save following commands to a text file and save it as archive.bat :

@echo offf
echo 7za a -r -tzip -mx9 %~f1\*.* 
7za a -r -tzip -mx9 %~f1\*.* 
rmdir /s/q %~f1

!!Caution, if you don’t have 7za installed it will only delete that folder!!


Drop any directory to the batch file, it will create a zip archive and delete that folder.

Similarly you can use following batch to just store (uncompressed) your folder:

@echo offf
echo 7za a -r -tzip -mx0 %~f1\*.* 
7za a -r -tzip -mx0 %~f1\*.* 
rmdir /s/q %~f1

If you don’t want to delete your folder just remove rmdir line.

Rapid Environment Editor for Windows – RapidEE

Environment variables are specially named aliases for basic system properties. Here is the Microsoft definition:

Environment variables are strings that contain information such as drive, path, or file name. They control the behavior of various programs. For example, the TEMP environment variable specifies the location in which programs place temporary files.

RapidEE could be useful to edit variables such as PATH, CLASSPATH (Java developers, it’s for you), INCLUDE or LIB (respect to C++ developers) with comfort. Moreover you will never make a mistake, because RapidEE checks your input and highlights incorrect paths or filenames.

İki insanın gerçekten birbirini anlaması bilimsel olarak imkansızdır. Çünkü her birey algılarını geçmişinin filtresinden geçirerek kavrama dönüştürür.

Karşılıklı bir konuşma sırasında; sizin düşündüğünüz, anlatmak istediğiniz, söylediğiniz, karşınızdakinin duyduğu, duyduğunu sandığı, anlamak istediği, anladığı arasında dağlar kadar fark vardır.


Search your files faster using Everything on Windows

Everything is a tiny file search application, but it can handle loads of files. In this video tutorial I show you how to install and use Everything for Windows. PrintDocument custom paper size

While using PrintDocument class for printing on, It won’t allow you to change PaperSize Width and Height values. In order to set those values manually, you need to define a custom paper size first. Use the code below to create a new custom paper size and then set it to PrintDocument’s PaperSize property:

Dim pkCustomSize1 As New System.Drawing.Printing.PaperSize("Custom Paper Size", 800, 600)
PrintDocument1.PrinterSettings.DefaultPageSettings.PaperSize = pkCustomSize1

I hope this helps, cheers!

jQuery to get anchor link URLs and texts on a page

On google chrome developer console (F12), simply run command below to get link texts printout:

jQuery("a.classname").each( function(){ console.log( $(this).text() ); } );

If you need to get link URLs, try the code below:

jQuery("a.classname").each( function(){ console.log( $(this).attr('href') ); } );

Remember to change classname to appropriate class name.

If the page you are trying to parse doesn’t have jQuery, you can load jQuery from console also.

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